Download DataStax OpsCenter Visual Monitoring Tool for Apache Cassandra

DataStax OpsCenter is a web-based visual management and monitoring solution for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. OpsCenter provides architects, DBAs, and operations staff with the capabilities necessary to intelligently and proactively ensure their databases are running well and simplifies administration tasks.

Operating SystemDataStax OpsCenter v 5.2
Mac OS XDownload
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OpsCenter FeatureDataStax Community (Apache Cassandra)DataStax Enterprise
Custom Cassandra and server statistics
Events dashboard
View replication relationships
Proactive alerts
External notifications (e.g. email)
Analytics monitoring
Analytics monitoring
In-memory tables monitoring
Cluster Management
Visual cluster provisioning /management for Cassandra
Perform utility functions on each node or in mass
Basic security (admin only)
Multi-cluster dashboard, support for 1000 node cluster deployment
Visual cluster provisioning for analytics and search
Advanced security with role based access controls
Automated node/ring balancing of data
Visual backup service management
Visual restore management
Visual repair service management
Visual capacity planning w/ forecasting
Automated software update notifications
Automated support collection package
Visual best practice service with built-in expert advisors
Built-in Auto-Failover
Object Management
View Keyspaces
View Column Families
LicensingFreeBundled with Subscription