DataStax OpsCenter Visual Monitoring for Apache Cassandra™ (v2.1.x or prior)

DataStax OpsCenter is a web-based visual management and monitoring solution for Apache Cassandra (v2.1.x or prior) and DataStax Enterprise. OpsCenter provides architects, DBAs, and operations staff with the capabilities necessary to intelligently and proactively ensure their databases are running well and simplifies administration tasks.

Operating SystemDataStax OpsCenter v 5.2 (Apache Cassandra v2.2.x or prior and DataStax Enterprise v4.8)
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Note: Starting with OpsCenter version 6.0, DataStax will discontinue OpsCenter compatibility with Open Source Software (OSS) Cassandra, DataStax Community (DSC), and DataStax Distributions of Cassandra (DDC) clusters. Customers currently using OpsCenter to provision, manage, and maintain their OSS Cassandra, DSC, and DDC clusters must look for other tools to continue their management and maintenance activities. Please see Planet Cassandra for some alternatives.