Jimmy Mardell Tech Product Owner at Spotify
"At peak hours, we can easily handle over 40,000 requests/second without experiencing performance shortfall or latency."
Jimmy Mardell Tech Product Owner at Spotify
The Challenge

As one of the fastest growing online and mobile services in the world, Spotify delivers streaming music in 

real time to over 40 million active users and growing, without interruption. To achieve the level of service demanded by its fast growing userbase, Spotify needed a database technology that could keep up with its growth without performance or availability issues.

Spotify initially started out as a PostgreSQL shop, but with skyrocketing popularity, Spotify realized that a relational system couldn’t keep up with their performance, scalability and availability requirements. What Spotify needed was a scalable solution that was highly available and could support multiple data centers. “After we had scaled up to one or two million users we started to experience some scalability problems with certain services,” said Axel Liljencrantz Backend Engineer at Spotify. “Once you hit multiple data centers, streaming replication in PostgreSQL doesn’t really work that well for high write volumes and so on because of its limiting architecture.”

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